NetworkSleuth 3.0

NetworkSleuth is a network file searching application
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Network Sleuth is an application created by Nsasoft. The purpose of the software is to provide a real-time file transfer mechanism for local networks - similar to peer-to-peer file sharing but specifically designed for the LAN environment. This program allows you to search for any type of file in other devices' shared resources, although this kind of search can also be performed by the Windows’ searching functionality and its intuitive interface.

This tool can also search either in all the devices it can find or in specific ones. You may enter and save a password for the shared devices, in case these are protected by authentication methods. The program has the ability to copy the files into your computer or execute them through the network.

The results of the search can be exported into different formats, such as Excel and text files, though this feature does not seem to be very useful. Fuzzy search is not available, so when you are searching for a file using just a fraction of its name, the program will just yield no results.

If there is a lot of file transfer going on your local network but you are too lazy to perform your searches using Windows, you may really benefit from this application.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good way to browse files in a network


  • No fuzzy search available
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